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 NMLS Unique Identifier

The NMLS Unique Identifier is the number permanently assigned by the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System​​ (NMLS) for each company, branch, and individual that maintains a single account on NMLS.  The NMLS Unique Identifier (“NMLS ID”) improves supervision and transparency in the residential mortgage markets by providing regulators, the industry and the public with a tool that tracks companies and individuals across state lines and over time.

The states, through CSBS and the American Association of Residential Mortgage Regulators (AARMR), developed and launched NMLS to enhance supervision of the residential mortgage market.  The unique identifier granted to residential mortgage loan originators and companies through NMLS allows regulators to track mortgage providers across state lines to ensure a provider will not escape regulatory action in one state, simply by crossing into another state.  The unique identifier also allows consumers and the industry to easily track specific originators’ histories and qualifications through NMLS Consumer Access. 

For more on how the NMLS ID is being used, see Required Uses of NMLS ID.

NMLS Unique Identification Number Specifications

NMLS assigns a unique identifier (NMLS ID) to each entity that has a record in the system.  An NMLS ID is assigned to each company (Form MU1), branch (Form MU3), and natural person (Form MU2 or Form MU4) when the entity first creates its record in NMLS.  Once assigned, an entity’s NMLS ID cannot be changed.

For more information on the characteristics of the NMLS ID, see NMLS ID Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a NMLS Unique Identifier Valid?
When a company or individual creates an account in NMLS, a unique identifier is automatically assigned and reserved for use by the applicant.  However, the NMLS unique identifier is not valid until a state license (or the denial of a state license) or federal registration has been issued. 

How do I verify a NMLS Unique Identifier?
The NMLS Unique Identifier can be verified for a state-licensed company, branch or individual by searching NMLS Consumer Access.  If a company, branch or individual purporting to be state-licensed does not appear on NMLS Consumer Access, then they do not have a valid NMLS Unique Identifier.

Financial institutions that are Federally-insured or chartered, their subsidiaries, and their mortgage loan originators are expected to appear in NMLS Consumer Access shortly after the end of the Federal registration transition period (July 29, 2011). 

NOTE: Not all state agencies have finished processing transition requests, thus certain active licensees may not appear in NMLS Consumer Access.  See NMLS Consumer Access Participation for details.

Do federal registrants have a unique identifier?
Yes, each registered mortgage loan originator is assigned a unique identifier.  The deadline for all federal registrants to have completed the registration process is July 29, 2011.  After that date, all federal loan originator registrants will be required to hold a valid unique identifier and will be identified as such in NMLS Consumer Access.



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