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New and Alerts for Mortgage Education

Help your customers determine what courses they need: (1) Check education record for requirem​ents; (2) Complete both Federal and State-Specific CE

Check if your customer needs state specific PE or CE: State Specific Education Requirements  ​

Manage customer expectations regarding credit banking. Reports to NMLS of missing courses are being sent back to the provide​r. ​​

 EMS Resources

All users need to use Okta to authenicate into the EMS. This document provides how-to instructions for course providers setting up OKTA to log into the EMS. The EMS is accessed through Okta, a multi-factor authentication tool.
Video guide for creating a new provider account and logging in.
Written instructions for creating a new provider account.
Written guide for submitting a new application and uploading documents.
New provider application checklist/form.
Written guide to submitting a new course application.
New course application form.
Video guide to completing a new course application on the EMS.
Written guide to creating and managing course offerings.
Video guide to creating and managing course offerings.
Written guide to reporting course completions (credit banking).
Video guide to reporting course completions (credit banking).
Written guide to submitting a course renewal application.
Course renewal application form.
Written guide to the renewal requirements and submiting a course provider renewal application.
Form for Provider Renewal Application and Compliance Desk Review
Walkthrough video explaining the meaning of the different course statuses in the EMS
This guide shows you how to manage support users as an admin user in the EMS.
Walkthrough video showing tips and details on how to filter and sort your data in the EMS
This user guide covers the processes/information related to Biometric Compliance Review (BCR).
How to locate the primary contact and support users in the EMS. This document highlights the contact options and how each is used by NMLS.
Course Providers need to 1) maintain a record of the learning management system (LMS) being used to offer NMLS Approved education and 2) establish a Support User who will receive and respond to biometric compliance reviews (BCR).
Walkthrough video showing tips on the two different ways to credit bank student rosters
Walkthrough video on how to search, filter, sort and export your course offerings and roster data in the EMS

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