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 Online Proctored SAFE MLO Test Delivery FAQs

​​​​Are there special requirements to test online?

Yes, there are numerous technical and environmental requirements needed in order to test online.  Please review the technical and procedural requirements​ a candidate must meet to be able to test online.  

How do I schedule an ap​pointment?

Candidates have the option to schedule an appointment in a local testing center or for online proctored testing by accessing Prometric's scheduling page. From the navigation panel, candidates should select either “Schedule a Remotely Proctored Exam" or “Schedule a Test Center Exam" for their preferred test experience.

Do reschedule, late cancel or no-show fees apply?

Yes. If you need to reschedule or cancel your qualification test appointment, you must do so (before noon local time) ​a minimum of 2 business days in advance to avoid losing your test fee.

If I need testing accommodations, can I test online?

Testing accommodations are currently only available for appointments delivered at a test center. NMLS is still testing various provisions to make online delivery accommodations available to candidates with disabilities. There are some accommodations that are not conducive to online testing, e.g., reader/recorder or paper and pencil delivery. A candidate should submit the SA Eligibility Questionnaire and SA Verification Request Form as they do today.

 I have an appointment scheduled at my local testing center. Can I still test online?

Yes, but you will need to cancel your existing testing center appointment first. This will free up your enrollment, so you are able to schedule an online testing appointment. Remember, the standard rescheduling/cancellation period applies. Also, before you cancel your test center appointment, we encourage you to ensure that you will be able to meet the technical and procedural requirements for online testing.

Where can I find additional information on the technical requirements to test online?

Information for taking an online test is available at on the Online Proctored Testing​ page. This includes the ProProctor User Guide, Rules of Conduct, etc. Additionally, Prometric has a ProProctor Candidate Information page.

What if I am unable to successfully complete the system readiness check?

At least one day before your scheduled test date, you should run the system readiness check and install the ProProctor application on the actual computer you will be using to take your test. This should prevent any last-minute technical issues from occurring just prior to your test appointment and provide time to address any issues. For additional guidance, please reference the ProProctor User Gu​ide and/or ProProctor Support.

My internet connection is sometimes “spotty." What can I do to enhance my testing ability?

While internet connectivity varies, remember that all of your household internet connections are competing for bandwidth, including online gaming, streaming services, etc. You are encouraged to limit household internet usage during your test session. Additional suggestions to enhance your internet connectivity during testing can be found on Prometric's ProProctor Candidate Information page.​​

If I lose connection during my online test, will NMLS lose my test or will I resume where I left off?

Your test information will not be lost, and you can resume where you left off.  However, you should make every attempt to log back in immediately. Once you log back into the online testing platform, your test will resume from where you left off. 

When will I know my online test results?

Upon completing your online test, you will receive your unofficial pass or fail notification on screen. Within three business days, your test results will be validated, emailed to the address you provided at the time of scheduling and posted to NMLS. The test result email will also include a survey link for you to complete about your online testing experience.

I was unsuccessful with my online testing attempt. Is there a waiting period to retest online or at a testing center?

Yes, if you do not pass your test, a waiting period will apply based on the SAFE Act. The same waiting period applies whether you opt to test at a local testing center or online.

How are online testing and testing at a local testing site different?

Similarities Between Online Testing and Testing in a Physical Testing Site

1. You should still log in 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete the check-in process.
2. One valid, government-issued ID with a signature and picture must be shown. The ID used must match the name your appointment is scheduled under.
3. Your picture will be captured, and your ID will be captured and verified.
4. You will undergo a visual person check including a sleeve, pocket and glasses check.
5. You are required to abide by the NMLS Rules of Conduct as well as Prometric's Security Guidelines/protocols.
6. You are video and audio-recorded during tests delivered in physical test centers and those delivered via online proctoring. 

Differences/requirements for Candidates Testing Online

1. Technical requirements: You will need to download and install an application that will perform a system check to ensure your laptop or desktop operating system meets the minimum requirements. This must be done on the computer that you will use on the day of testing.
2. USB cable camera: You will be required to complete a 360-degree view of your workstation and surrounding environment. An external USB cable camera is preferred but not required. Cameras imbedded in laptops are allowed.
3. Your visual person check will include a check of your ears to ensure nothing that could provide an unfair advantage is used, e.g., Bluetooth earpiece.
4. You are not allowed to use a personal calculator or scratch paper. Online tests have an onscreen calculator and a virtual scratchpad to capture your notes digitally.



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