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 Getting Started: State-Licensed Individuals

​Are you employed by a federal agency-regulated institution? lf so, go to the Federal Registry Resource Center.

NMLS is the system of record for nonbank, financial services licensing and registration in all 50 states, and the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam. All jurisdictions manage mortgage licenses on NMLS and 64 regulatory agencies use NMLS for issuing licenses in the money services businesses, debt, and consumer finance industries.

Getting Started

Step 1 - Review your checklist

Go to the State Licensing Requirements Page for your state and gather required documentation which may need to be uploaded and sent to the state agency.

All state licensed MLOs and certain individuals as mandated by their state agency are required to pass the National SAFE MLO test, complete pre-licensure education, and submit to a criminal background and credit check prior to submitting an application in NMLS. Review Professional Standards for more details on the Criminal Background Check, Testing, Education, and Credit Report process. 

Step 2 - Coordinate with your company

NMLS is the official system of record so it is important to coordinate use with your employer. If your company is licensed with or registered in a state through NMLS, either of you can complete your first Individual Form (MU4) in NMLS. Whoever creates the first Individual Form (MU4) must pay any associated fees when it is submitted to the state agency. If your company is completing your first Individual Form (MU4), wait for their direction before proceeding. 

Step 3 - Create an account

​NOTE: The information used to create the account must be accurate, complete and reflect information found on legal documentation. Inaccurate information may result in one or more duplicate accounts. If duplicate accounts are created, the responsible individual or company is​ liable for all fees associated with resolving the error.

  1. Navigate to NMLS.
  2. Click the Log Into NMLS button.
  3. Click the Request an Account link.
  4. Select the Individual option.

Review the Quick Guide: Creating an Individual Accou​nt for further assistance.

Step 4 - Log into NMLS

If your company created your first Individual Form (MU4), log in with the credentials provided, review your Individual Form (MU4), make any necessary corrections and attest to its accuracy. 

Review the Attestation Quick Guide for further assistance. 

If you are completing your first Individual Form (MU4), identify the jurisdictions where you are or would like to be licensed, complete the Individual Form (MU4), pay any associated fees, and submit to the relevant regulators. 

Review the ​​ Form MU4 Filing Quick Guide and see NMLS Payment Options for information on payment methods.​

Using NMLS

Review the following resources for assistance in using NMLS.

Quick Guides - Individual - Recommended workflow guides for various licensing scenarios along with Quick Guides that cover “how to” for key tasks related to individuals.  

Individual Form - Review a printable version to see what information will need to be gathered.

Professional Standards - Information on Criminal Background Check, Testing, Education and Credit Report. Many state agencies require Pre-Licensure Education and a passing score on the National SAFE MLO Test to be completed prior to submitting an application in NMLS. Review the agency's jurisdiction specific checklist to determine if you are required to complete these items prior to applying for your license. ​


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